Freshman Friday Skip Day


Froshling Fiona, Young

Senior skip days are a well-known tradition at Hollis Brookline High School. The whole senior class plans ahead and skips school, delighting in wreaking havoc on teacher’s plans. Until recently, this special day was exclusively for Seniors.

This year, however, a skip day has been planned for  the Freshman class. Officially dubbed “Freshman Friday Skip Day,” or just “Freshman Friday,” this day is scheduled for March 3, 2015. All Freshman are to stay home and not go to school in order to create a new tradition at HBHS.

“I’m super excited for Freshman Friday. I always hear the Seniors talking about skipping and I think skipping would really begin the process of bonding us as a class,” says Freshman Celeste Marsan ‘19.

However, some Seniors say that this special day should be only for Seniors. Ambika Gupta 15’ says that “Senior skip days are days to look forward to for three years. Being able to do a Freshman skip day ruins the anticipation.” The majority of the opposition appears to be from Seniors.

Regardless, Freshman Friday is expected to be a success. “All of my friends are skipping. Everyone is going to do it,” said Marsan. Freshman, don’t go to school this Friday. Sleep in, watch Netflix, or go out to eat. As Marsan said, “Don’t be that one guy who shows up on a skip day.”