Classrooms made out of snow to solve overcrowding


Reporter 27A, Cold

With record snowfall this year in New England, the piles of snow have become dangerously overwhelming on the Hollis Brookline High School property. Even with recent melting, the mounds of snow have simply been in the way in the parking lots and around the building’s perimeter. But recently, in an attempt to address the overcrowding issue at HB, the administrators have come to a consensus to create additional space for classroom use from the snow piles.

These new spaces will be called “classgloos” and be used primarily for freshmen learning centers. The engineering company, iGloo, has been contracted to create dome shaped huts that will resemble igloos. It is recommended that lower classmen dress appropriately for their new learning area, as the temperature in the classgloos is not expected to rise above approximately 32 degrees.

Jackie Frost ‘18 found out recently about the administrators decision, “I think it’s a great way to eliminate the overcrowding problem with NEASC but really, why should freshmen be forced to relegated to the classgloos? It should be the sophomores, they have the most student’s in their class.” Frost went on to explain how she expects the school to pay for a new North Face coat, Ugg boots, and provide a Starbucks coffee machine available during every class period if placed in a classroom with such a low temperature.

Be on the look out for iGloo’s snow-block maker this week in the parking lot and if an upperclassmen, be sure to move your car from the upper lot to the lower lot. The snow-block maker is expected to take up all of the space in the upper lot so all cars will be towed if not removed before construction arrives.