Locker on second floor leads to Narnia


Rumbleroar, A lion who can talk

Every so often a student leaves class and doesn’t come back for a while. Do they go to the bathroom? Do they hang out in the library?

The answer to these questions lies on the second floor of the HBHS building. A certain locker, which shall remain unnumbered, leads to the famed land called Narnia. The locker is not locked, so it is available to everyone who knows of its special purpose. Students have spent years in Narnia, remembering that the time that passes there is minimal time here. A year or so in Narnia only equates to about five minutes at Hollis Brookline, so students have been able to experience all that Narnia has to offer.

Isabelle Linder ‘15 has visited many times and is now good friends with Aslan, the lion and leader of Narnia. “He’s pretty cool. We hang out and he even helps me with my math homework sometimes. I just ask teachers to go to the bathroom and then I am able to spend as much time as I want in Narnia. It’s great for getting that homework due next period done.”

Although Narnia is not all that safe, Linder says that it is easy to stay safe. “Just be nice to the trolls and they’ll hopefully leave you alone.”

If students don’t allow this passageway to become a distraction, then administration will not be able to seal up the locker. It is important not to have too many students at once in Narnia and not to spread the locker number around. This small secret in the halls of Hollis Brookline will be celebrated for many years to come, which equate to many centuries in Narnian years.