Cheetum Steele, Banker

Every so often an argument regarding a dress code at prom comes up. High schools across the country are slowly becoming stricter about what is acceptable for prom. There are even cases where prom has been cancelled due to a belief that students are unable to dress appropriately.

Hollis Brookline High School has threatened to cancel prom for years to come if this year’s students do not dress appropriately. Teachers and chaperones will have a strict eye out during prom to watch for any dresses or tuxes deemed “inappropriate”. Any students violating this dress code will be asked to leave and will have to talk to administration the next school day. Penalties range from a detention to a suspension, depending on how serious the dress code was broken.

So what are the rules exactly?

Girls will not be allowed to wear strapless dresses. No torso skin should be seen, including the back, chest, and shoulders. The cut must be at least up to the collar bone. Dresses must have sleeves. If your dress does not, a fancy cardigan can be worn to stay within the limits of the dress code. No slits will be allowed in dresses and no legs must be seen. See through lace is also banned.

The dress codes for boys is essentially the same, only that no ties are allowed. Ties are deemed informal, and therefore only bowties are allowed. Black and navy blue bowties are allowed. Similarly, only black and navy blue tuxedos are allowed.

Many students are against this new dress code. “If I want to show off my body to everyone, then  have a right to do so. I have a right to have people judge me,” says Daisy Duke ‘15.

However, some students find the dress code necessary. Anna Giles says, “It’s about time that class is put back into the ‘Cclass of 2015’”.

Prom is a night to enjoy. Regardless of what is worn, it is a time to admire how pretty everyone looks. Enjoy a bonding night with your class and remember the dress code!