All spring sports replaced with ice-fishing


Running Man, Faster than the Walking man; Slower than the Sprinting Man

With temperatures not on the rise, and frequent snowfall occurring, the fields are still covered in snow, making it hard to play any spring sports. Due to this, the HBHS Athletic Department has made the decision to cut all spring sports and instead put efforts forth into a Division 1 ice fishing team.

All lacrosse, baseball, softball, track, tennis, and volleyball teams will be required to participate in Division 1 competitive ice fishing.  Uniforms and equipment are being sold on Ebay to help fund the purchase of custom HBHS ice fishing equipment, and the trainers’ cart will be fitted with studded snow tires, heated seats, and will be fully stocked with hand warmers.

HBHS is not the only school encountering this problem; many schools in the state are also having problems with frozen-over fields, forcing them to take up competitive ice fishing as well.  Because of this, competitive ice fishing is now part of the NHIAA and is recognized as a sport by New England Scholars

The HBHS Ice Fishazz will participate in their first competition this Friday at Lake Potanipo in Brookline, NH, beginning at 3 p.m. and continuing until a big fish is caught.