HB bans summer work


Shiah LeBoeuf, Eccentric

When the last bell of the school year rings and summer is officially out, the last thing on student’s minds should be homework during the summer. However, those enrolled in an accel, Honors, or AP classes, are more than likely are assigned some busy work they must complete before the fall.

The pain and agony students endure over summer work has been brought to the attention of administration. Teachers have finally come to the realization that summer is purely for relaxation and time to spend however the student may choose; it is time for being a teenager, not a full time student.

Another reason why teachers have decided against summer work this year is because of the amount of books returned and papers turned in that have ocean water stains, faded writing from the sun, or sand in book’s binding. The teachers are sick of students trying to multitask and do summer activities while summer work.

This year’s juniors who are signed up to take multiple AP and Honors courses fall of 2015 are ecstatic from the news about no more summer work. Ilene Lournier ‘16 signed up for four AP classes and one honors for her senior year. “I thought I would be spending half my summer reading pointless books and writing multiple essays, but now with no summer homework, I can spend more time tanning and hanging out with friends!” said Lournier.

Although it has taken administration a significant amount of time to come to the realization that summer work is pointless, now that they have, summer will officially change forever. No more last minute cramming of reading a 300-page book of nonsense and no more crunching last-minute essays before the first day of school.

All summer long, students should keep their minds off school and kick their feet up to relax for the short duration they have off. Before they know it, September will roll around with a new essay that needs to be written and new book that needs to be read. But for now, take full advantage of No Summer Homework (NSH) and hit up the beach.no summer work_second image_Sarah