Frozen fields: When will we play?


David P. Walsh

Still a foot, at least, on the baseball field

David P. Walsh

As spring is underway, spring sports have come once again. Even in late March, heavy amounts of snow still cover the baseball, softball, tennis and lacrosse fields, potentially causing a delay for opening day.

April 13th and April 8th marks the first day of all regular season spring sports. With still a foot of snow left on the fields, schools have taken action by using tractors to plow off the snow. Will Hollis Brookline take action? The answer is yes, by using mother nature.

A plethora of athletes had questions for the softball coach Mrs. Sheehan. “The snow may not delay the season,” Sheehan said. “We were talking about using shovels, but the fields are in good shape”.

Warm weather is on its way, but even when the snow is completely melted from the fields across New England, flooding will cause the fields to be unplayable.

Tennis courts are also suffering with large amounts of snow. Luckily for Tennis, the courts wont flood, on the bad side, their opening day starts on 4/8, five days earlier than baseball and softball.

Especially with baseball and softball fields, puddles will cause catastrophy to the play-ability in the infields.

This past Saturday the New England weather went back into high gear sending us with 2 more inches of snow.

Snow this late in the season is almost unheard of. A delay doesn’t seem impossible for this upcoming spring sports season. First games are scheduled on 4/8 as the boys and girls tennis team takes on the mighty Milford Spartans.