Men’s Volleyball: High expectations

Jack Shields

While the boys Volleyball team is still a relatively new program, the boys continue to have high expectations. With a new coach in this spring season, the team is hopeful for success. Former head coach Rebecca Balfour calls this season “a year where the boys can compete for a title.” As Coach Balfour steps down to coach the boys JV team, her brother Ed Leonard, will be the head coach of the Varsity team. Coach Leonard has been working with the players in the off-season preparing this years team for a season that promises so much for such a talented group.

This years team is lead by senior standout Aaron Campbell ’15, who has taken the time to dedicate himself to his final season. Other promising returning Varsity players include Bobby Ripley ’15, Evan Dwyer ‘15, Bret Belden ’16, Zach Crooks ’16, and Nick Wood ‘17. The JV team has had a lot of players advance who have gained experience that they will be able to showcase in their first season playing Varsity.

         Nick Wood ‘17 is excited to do what it takes to win a championship, “If everyone plays as a team with determination and focus we can definitely win a championship this season.”

Bobby Ripley ‘15, is looking to be a leader for his senior season, “Leadership is always key. The seniors this year work hard and focus, helping keep the team on track.”

With a new coach, skilled upperclassmen, and a talented group of former JV players, this season is looking balanced with talent and youth. The boy’s team has their sights set on a state championship, and from the looks of the team, it seems like this year will be a success. Their season opener is at Pinkerton, with JV starting at 4:00 and Varsity at 5:15.