Hearing from Huckins

Evan Moloney, News Editor

The mellifluous voice of the Social Studies department is no longer here at Hollis-Brookline High School.

But former teacher Rob Huckins is still here in spirit.

Huckins had long been a fixture of HBHS before his departure last year, and was loved by upper-and-lowerclassmen alike. Working with sophomore Economics classes, as well as the seniors’ and juniors’ AP Government and Politics, he brought a depth of knowledge and understanding to his instruction with a gravity few teachers can capture.

So it was a sad surprise for students and faculty alike when Huckins left Hollis-Brookline, in pursuit of an opportunity at Merrimack High School.

Huckins now serves as the MHS Department Head for Social Studies, moving into new administrative realms even as he continues teaching. He fills the same capacity at the new school as a Department Head would here, working with budgeting and teacher evaluations, and he also teaches two freshman Economics classes.

“You’re new, and so are they,” Huckins said. And the freshmen are strong students he enjoys working with, although at Hollis-Brookline and elsewhere he hadn’t taught the age group in many years.

This is Huckins’ fourth position at area schools, and he tries to keep focused on the here-and-now of his life. The advancement was welcome as he continued to expand his prospects, but even with that, he looks back on Hollis-Brookline fondly.

“The seven years that I was there were probably the best seven years I’ve ever had in any educational setting,” he said. “The kids were fantastic, and I’m not just saying that–you never want to say you didn’t like the students at a school, but the ones at HB were really fantastic. I couldn’t have had a better time in the seven years I was there.”

Huckins is doing well with his new students, teaching classes as he continues to write and publish in his spare time. And while it’s not foreseen that he will be making any sort of comeback at HBHS, he is still in contact with many staff members and former students. “There’s no question at all–I miss the people at HB.”