Boys volleyball nets 3-0 victory over Dover


Liam Flaherty

Nick Wood ‘17 prepares to launch a ball over the net as Aaron Campbell ‘15, Bobby Ripley ‘15, Bret Belden ‘16, Nate Thomas ‘16 and Zac Crooks ‘16 look on.

Liam Flaherty, Sports Writer

Hollis Brookline Cavaliers volleyball team defeated the Dover Green Waves at home Wednesday to secure their seventh victory of the season. The match was won in three quick sets that were scored 25-16, 25-19 and 25-18. HB, coached by Ed Leonard, entered the game with an impressive 6-1 record. On the other side of the net, the Green Waves are currently led by Mac Barron, an HB alumni who previously played in the program and won the 2012 Gatorade Player of the Year award.

Before play had even begun, it appeared that the Cavaliers had gained an edge. As the team huddle formed on the court, Nathan Thomas ‘16 rose up out of the circle, hoisted on the shoulders of senior Aaron Campbell, and put everything that he could into the yell that would set the tone for game that was soon to come.

This home game ritual surely worked and it was evident throughout the entire game. Hometown supporters in the stands were loud and energetic, firing up chants like “I believe that we will win” and “Here we go HB.” Almost all noise coming in support of HB seemed to originate from the voice of Eric Pratt ‘16. A member of the 2015 HB volleyball program, Pratt explained that, “Having part of the program here to pump you up really helps. When we’re here we’re just trying to get the team energized and help them win.”

The Cavs made their way through the first game, winning by a score of 25-16. With offensive pressure  coming from Bret Belden ‘16 and Nick Wood ‘17 the Cavs were able to distinguish an early lead and maintain it throughout the game.

The second game proved to be a different story for the Cavs. The Green Waves jumped out to a quick 5-0 lead and the Cavs seemed to be shaken. In times of hardship though, all teams have players that they rely on to pick up spirits. Along with Bret Belden and Bobby Ripley ‘15, Aaron Campbell serves as a team captain who has the main job of “keeping the team positive.” Campbell explained that the only way to get back into a game like that is to “shake it off, take a deep breath, go out there and get back at it.” Game 2 ended at a score of 25-19.

Leading the team off of the court, Campbell was also one of the major driving forces that brought the team back on the court. With more than five kills from Campbell in game two, the team was able to regain the lead and maintain it until the end. The leadership on and off the court along with his impressive display of offense are just a few of the reasons why Campbell has been recruited to play collegiate volleyball next year at North Greenville University.

Game three went smoothly for the Cavs and ended in a 25-18 victory. Strong contributions on offense and defense by Bobby Ripley and Nick Wood led to the game’s victory. This victory concluded the match and led the Cavaliers to complete their fifth sweep of the season.

Although he knows that some things need to be improved upon moving forward, Coach Ed Leonard felt good about his team after Wednesday’s game. “The biggest thing we’ve got going for us is teamwork. They’re all about team. If there’s any tagline for this group of guys it’s ‘TEAM”. The Cavs next match up comes at home against Mascenic on May 11. Playing a good Mascenic team, the Cavs will have to bring the same amount of energy and competitiveness that they brought Wednesday in order to win.