Senior Sport Spotlight: Lizzy Davis


Lizzy Davis in action. Photo Credit: Suzanne Randlett

Sophia Bruzik, Staff Writer

Lizzy Davis ‘15, a senior at Hollis Brookline, has been a part of the tennis team for her entire high school career. Over the four years, she has worked her way up the ladder to the varsity team. Davis became interested in tennis after watching her dad play. She was not always the best at sports, but once she tried tennis, she discovered she was a natural. Davis has now been playing for over seven years and loves the sport.

This year was different from all the rest because Davis was captain of the Girls Tennis team. There were added responsibilities that came with the title. She created a snack schedule, sent out text reminders, and hosted a pasta party.

Since Davis was captain, this meant that she could make some needed changes. She said, “The team was much closer than past years.” Davis also said there “was no competition between the players.” Not only did the girls get along with one another, but they also enjoyed spending time together. When asked to describe the team in one sentence, Davis said,“The HB Girls Tennis team is a group of passionate, energetic, and determined young tennis players.”

The team will be closing off their season with their last two home matches on Monday (5/19/15) and Tuesday (5/20/15). With the season coming to an end, the Girls Tennis team hopes to make it to the second round of playoffs. Davis is full of emotion since she will be leaving the team, but looks forward to visiting next year to cheer on her old teammates.

Davis will be attending Tufts University next year and will be studying Economics. She said she might try out for the club tennis team, but it depends on her schedule. The Girls Tennis team would like to wish Davis the best of luck in all of her future endeavors.