Aesop’s FOBles

One of the many perks of senior year at Hollis Brookline High School is the revered Senior Options. Perhaps the most sought after period for Options is first, allowing students some much needed extra rest after long nights of homework and extracurricular activities. With the recent addition of purchasing specific spots, the student is also able to know for a fact that his or her parking spot will be waiting upon arrival at school, regardless of the time.

Unfortunately, the perk of parking in the back has been dashed by the new check-in process at school. The student must walk around the entire building from the back lot to the main entrance to be buzzed in through the front doors. John Beckett, ‘14, says “I get into school soaking wet on a rainy day. I am worried about pneumonia.” Regardless of snow, sleet, or rain, the student must trudge quite a distance simply to gain access to the building.

The FOB is the solution to this conundrum. A simple application process, coupled with a day or two of patient waiting, rewards the senior class student with a key to the kingdom. Logan Blake, ‘14, says “I love my FOB and carry it with me at all times so I never have to worry about being locked out.” No longer do seniors have to trundle down to the front of the building because of the placement of his or her Options.