Girl’s soccer best in the league?


Ben Lombardi

Captain Holly Eisenberg ’16

Ben Lombardi, Contributor

Rumor has it that the Hollis Brookline Girl’s soccer team is the best in the league this year. Is it just a rumor or can they win it all?

There’s a lot of confidence behind the team this year. Even members of the boy’s soccer team, like Jack Barbour ‘16, have no doubt that the team is the best. In response to the rumors, Jack quickly replied, without any hesitation in his voice, “Of course they are… It’s Hollis Brookline”.

Olivia Cleghorn ‘17, starting goalkeeper said, “There is a lot of depth and talent on the team this year.” This should help them when it comes to playoffs. Senior captain, Holly Eisenberg ‘16, talked about how when it comes down to playoffs, if they can manage to stay healthy, avoid injury, and work hard, they should have a very strong chance.

Some fans may be skeptical of the team’s status, after a shocking loss to bottom seed, Goffstown, but Leah Cummings ‘16 doesn’t seem too worry. She sees it as a small speed-bump, in a long drive to the championship.

At this point in the season, everyone on the team is feeling very confident in what they are doing. So as long as they can avoid injury and work hard down the stretch, the Cavs have a strong chance to make it far into playoffs, and possibly to the championship where they would have a chance to prove rumors true; making the Hollis Brookline girl’s soccer team the best in the league.