HB’s favorite fall sport?


Matt Harmon '16

Jack Barbour ’16 moves the ball down-field in a boys varsity soccer match this season.

Garrett Klausner, Staff Writer

There is a wide variety of fall sports here at Hollis Brookline High School. There is golf, field hockey, football, volleyball, soccer and cross country. Many students here at HB were asked what their favorite fall sport is. Many students who answered the question liked different fall sports for different reasons.

The two most popular HB sports to watch, according to the data collected, are football and volleyball.

The students who answered football and volleyball all liked the sports because of their fast pace and intensity. Another big reason why students enjoy going to the games is because their friends are on the team. “Football is my favorite. All my friends are on the team and I like to go and support them,” said Tyler St. Pierre ‘19.

Many of the fast paced sports games seem to get bigger crowds because more students can get really into the game.

Zach Crooks ‘16 said, “My favorite is volleyball, the crowd gets really into the game and everyone is full of energy; it’s awesome!”

There are also many perks of going to these fall sports. At the volleyball games, the girls throw rubber balls into the crowd before the game to thank the fans for their continued support.

At the soccer games, students enjoy hot chocolate on colder days. “ My favorite is soccer, I have lots of friends on the team and I sit with my other friends on the sideline and drink hot chocolate,” says Cat Cotton ‘16.

Many students love going to different HB fall games for different reasons. Some go to support their friends and school, others go because the sport is entertaining and has a lot of action. Whatever the reason students decide to go, a school spirit