Costly college


Tyler O'Brien

Michael Buxbaum ’16, considering the option of college

Tyler O'Brien, Contributor

It’s autumn and the question people are asking seniors is, “where are you going to college?” Before seniors answer that, they should see if college is worth the money they’re spending.


At Hollis Brookline High School, students are scrambling to apply to college. Most students are going to college, but many still say it is too expensive. Some colleges are over $50,000 a year. As a comparison, according to the University of Pennsylvania, in the 1950’s the cost for UPenn was $600 which is about $6,000 when inflation is taken into account.


Many people need to work through college and most end college with thousands of dollars in debt. This debt can linger on your shoulders for years after graduation. This can cause you to need a loan, whether it’s for a car, a house, or for a business. This causes students, as well as parents, to reevaluate their college decision.


Alex McElvery ‘17 said, “You can definitely not go to college and still be successful.” His view is what many decide to follow. Many students believe working hard is the best way to become successful. Cody Moreau ‘16 decided he will not be going to college. Moreau’s reasoning was that college was “not worth the money.”


Another senior, Nicola Chomiak, had an enlightening view on the issue. She believed, “College is not necessary, it just depends on the career.”


College might only be right for some people, but it depends if the degree will be necessary for the job of choice.