Recycling’s back!


Provided by Maryanne Rotelli.

Terésa Randlett, Editor in Chief

It’s back. No longer should kids be searching to shoot their empty water bottles in a black trashcan, but rather, look out for the green bin. After several years of inactivity from the Green Group, the club devoted to all things eco-friendly, within the Hollis Brookline High School community, they’re back on track. Science department teacher Maryanne Rotelli and her counterparts have taken action by bringing green bins back to the hallways and classrooms for the proper disposal of empty plastic bottles, cans, and cartons.

During the inactive years of the Green Group, HBHS was still participating in recycling, though it was solely old office papers flowing to the outside bin. Now, multiple small bins will be distributed among all three floors, allowing students to recycle both plastic bottles/cans as well as paper.

Rotelli wanted to make the drastic change for the “sake of the school and earth”. Surprisingly, the school benefits on a financial level since we are able to turn in our bin of recyclables for free, whereas the trash bins cost money to dispose of.

As far as our actions benefiting the earth, well that’s a given. Not only will this change lessen the landfill usage and reduce pollution, but when we recycle, companies such as Coca-Cola will step in to take the opportunity to reuse our contributions. Their most recent project according to Rotelli is “Drink2Wear”, a clothing line made from a blend of recycled plastic bottles and cotton.

Rotelli is planning to schedule a Cavblock speaker from the recycling company to give a more thorough explanation about the process and how our actions will benefit the local community.

So before you bet your friend that your “varsity level” basketball skills can get your recently finished Vitamin Water into the black trashcan, be sure to look for the nearest green bin first to make your free throw.