Donating for a cause

Caroline Kroeger, Staff Writer

HBHS students are saving lives today! Starting this morning at 8 A.M. and lasting until 1 P.M., the HBHS Red Cross Club is hosting a blood drive in the mini gym. The blood donated today will be given to local blood banks to help those in need.

How do you get involved? There are forms that are accessible online and are also provided in the Nurse’s office. On these forms you must fill out information such as your blood type and have written consent from your parents. (the American Red Cross requires kids under the age of 17 to gain parental consent before they have their blood drawn. Proper permission slips are posted in the Nurse’s office and outside the cafeteria and must be submitted in full to either of the nurses.

With blood drives comes apprehension, which is why the Red Cross Club is doing everything it can to ensure students maintain good health before and after they get their blood drawn. “We will provide snacks and water bottles, which will be given out during lunch the day before and the day of [the blood drive]. The water bottles will have flyers taped onto them with instructions on how to stay properly hydrated and tips on how to get a lot of iron so you don’t feel as dizzy when you get your blood drawn,” said Rachel Jiang ‘16, one of the student leaders of the club. Other helpful tips for the donation process can be found on

If you are thinking of partaking in future blood drives, there are certain qualifications you must meet in order to undergo the process. “There is a weight to height ratio,” said Jiang, “to find out this information, whether or not you are qualified for the blood drive, you need to look at the instructions. The instructions will be taped onto said water bottles that we are handing out the day before and the day of the blood drive. Most everyone should be able to draw blood on the day of the blood drive.” Additional to the information on the water bottles, weight requirements are located on the official American Red Cross website. Both male and female donors must weigh at least 110 pounds. This is a precaution to ensure the health of the students who wish to have their blood drawn.

Want to learn more about the blood drive or the Red Cross Club in general? “You can find out more about the blood drive and the club itself by downloading our app. The name of the app is posted around the school on the Red Cross Club’s posters,” said another member of the Red Cross Club, Bradley Simpson ‘16, “I have downloaded it. The app is a really cool tool to utilize and find out more about the blood drive and how you can get involved in this event and the ones to come.”

Many students, whether or not they have had their blood drawn at this event before, are wishing to donate this year. When asked why she wanted to have her blood drawn, Lauren Moura ‘17 said, “I feel as though it is a way I can contribute the medical field. It’s a small way I can give back and help people.”

For additional information on the blood drive and other ways you are able to participate in the Red Cross Club, you may seek out members of the club such as Simpson and Jiang. You may also reach out to Mrs. Foster, the club supervisor.