Planet Fitness: push-ups & other perks


Niki Maragos

Planet Fitness gym located in the West Side Plaza on 101A in Nashua, NH.

Niki Maragos, Editor of Features

Ever wonder if there is a place out there that allows you to get in shape, keeps you looking fresh, clean, tan, and even makes sure your hunger is satisfied while you do it? It exists. In fact, they’re everywhere.

Planet Fitness gyms are popping up all over the place and people can’t get enough of them. The gym offers two types of memberships, a regular membership which costs only $10 a month and a Black Card membership which is $19.99 and offers other benefits inside and out of the facilities.

With the regular membership, members can access one gym location during any time that the gym is open, which, for most facilities, is 24/7. They are also offered free pizza every first Monday of the month and free bagels (from Panera if you visit the location on 101A!) the next morning. Since having his first child, Alex Basbas doesn’t have time to go to the gym anymore, but has kept his membership so that “[he] can go there twice a month: for the delicious free food.”

With the extended Black Card membership, they get every perk that regular card members are offered, and then some. Teagan White ‘16 stated that she “loves being a Black Card member because [she] can bring [her] friends and [they] can go to any one.” BC members are allowed to access any Planet Fitness gym, whereas regular members have to pay $5 to go to a franchise location that isn’t their normal facility. Additionally, BC members can bring guests with them for free.

So, aside from actually using the gym and getting free food, why go Black Card? All members can access the beautifully kept locker rooms and showers at any time, but BC members can use them to go clean off after they get their new haircuts or tan. That’s right, you heard me correctly– and they’re free.

Planet Fitness’ have tanning beds, little salons, and luxury massage chairs in their facilities that are complimentary to all Black Card members. And if all that doesn’t sell you, if you show your card at Reebok outlets, you’ll automatically get 20% off your purchase.

All in all, Planet Fitness really seems to be the Mecca of all gyms. But even if you’re not interested in all the glitz and glam that PF presents, it is still an amazing gym. Natalie Lewis ‘16 said, “I don’t have a planet fitness membership but I’m interested in getting one because I’d like to get in shape.” The vast variety of equipment is constantly cleaned and updated to stay current, and the place is a Judgement Free Zone. That means you never have to worry that people are looking at you funny because of the fact that you wore your gym shirt with the spaghetti stain on it. For only ten or twenty dollars a month, the Planet Fitness experience is one that is well worth it.