Shooting hoops and taking games

Tyler O'Brien, Staff Writer

The season is almost here and the players have never been more ready. The Hollis Brookline Unified Basketball Team is more excited than ever for this new season. “We will face some challenging teams this season,” says Head Coach Milton Robinson


The team will be faced with Division One teams this year, but Robinson said that they are ready for anything thrown at them this year. They will need to take on Nashua North, Nashua South, Pinkerton, and Alvern, all Division One teams, and will be pushing the team’s skills to the max.


Most of the team have been busy with school work, so finding time to talk with reporters was the least of their priorities. However, the team had nothing but positive things to say about the upcoming season.


“We’re going undefeated, all the way!” Josh Kyrias, Center, confidently stated. Kyrias has played for Robinson prior to this season and holds a large portion of the rebounds as he towers   over the competitors.


Team members from last year are reunited, and joining the team this year is one player has caught Robinson’s eye. Caitlyn Antisdel, a newcomer to the team, is “a freshman with a great shot,” says Coach Robinson. Robinson is eager to get the team practicing and on the road to a great season.


Being coached by Robinson, the team requires serious dedication to the court, as well as, the classroom. Students are under strict guidelines and are prohibited from sports if their academics are falling.


This upcoming season will be like no other. From rookies to veterans, from classroom to court, this team will give all they have into this season and this school year. They are the meaning of a student athlete, and deserve to be praised for their dedication and hard work.