An icy duo


Captains Ellie Caswell ’16 and Courtney Ulrich ’16 look to lead this year’s ski team to success.

Tyler O'Brien, Staff Writer

Although the winter has been procrastinating here in New Hampshire, many avid skiers have been constantly preparing for the snow to fall. Hollis Brookline Alpine Ski Team has a young, athletic team that is ready to stomp on the competitors this year, but the mountains have not been opened. This has caused the team to continue dryland workouts. There are many skiers who have put in exemplary amounts of effort, but Ellie Caswell ’16 and Courtney Ulrich ’16, this year’s’ women captains, are more ready for this season than anyone else.


Caswell and Ulrich have both been on the Alpine Ski Team for four years, and they are ready to take lead of the team. They have designed the apparel, organize rides, and designed the practices specialized for Slalom and Grand Slalom races. Caswell said she is, “ready for the season,” and that she is, “planning on winning.”


Ulrich had a great past few seasons and is ecstatic to start her final year. She said the only thing she doesn’t like is the ice, “I hate the ice, but love having fun.” Ulrich and Caswell, both, are excited to start racing, but even happier knowing it’s their senior year.


They have been friends since their Elementary years, and always pushed each other to work harder. From playing on the soccer field to racing down the trail, the girls have always been active and competitive. The girls are both hard workers and always take charge of the team.


The past years the captains have been loved by the team, but this year Caswell said, “We will be friendly and inclusive to all grades. The girls said their role model for a captain is Holly Eisenberg.  

“Holly was a great captain during soccer and everyone looked up to her,” Caswell said, “that’s what I want the team to think of us.”