The controversial suicide you’ve never heard of

On October 20, 2015, Tumblr artist Zamii070 posted a supposed suicide note on her blog. It read: “I’m going to sleep forever. I’m sorry everyone I’m just super tired. This will be the last you’ll hear from me. I’m going to be at peace now. I’m sorry.” She later posted on the site that she had not succeeded. However, one reply to her suicide attempt was much less than alarmed, only saying “Imagine your OC.” To someone with no knowledge of the events leading up to this post, the response may have seemed insensitive and perplexing. But to Tumblr, this comment was part of a bigger group of replies harassing the artist. On Tumblr, users’ harassment of Zamii070 — calling her art racist, ableist, and more — led her to attempt suicide.


It sounds ridiculous, I know. On Tumblr, however, it isn’t as odd as one might think. I haven’t used the site since 2014, but even then, I was aware of what can only be described as a confusing and toxic atmosphere.


I enjoyed Tumblr, but a prominent annoyance on the site were the Social Justice Warriors (SJW), a type of blogger who debates on many issues, including minority and political representation. Such a definition sounds harmless enough, but SJWs’ posts are a nuisance to the site. They are extremely supportive of minorities, such as People of Color and the LGBT community as a whole, but such support often turns into hate against majorities, such as white and straight people. They tell these majorities to “check their privilege,” and to “stop oppressing” while making comments.

WEBREADY_The Controversial Suicide You've Never Heard Of_Curtis Newton_OpEd (tentative visual)

While I was investigating the site, I came across a post saying “Reblog if you agree: cis ppl are bad.” (“Cis” referring to a person whose gender matches their sex; the opposite of transgender) The post had 260 notes, which really isn’t a lot in the grand scheme of Tumblr, but that’s still an impressive amount of likes and reblogs.


But back to Zamii070. Many complained about her art through receipt blogs: blogs made for the purpose of citing the problematic things specific people have done. Through blogs such as this, Zamii has been called out as racist for drawing a character Asian and then giving her slanted eyes (top left of the image).

This complaint is confusing, considering Zamii was later accused of not drawing a black character with an afro, a black stereotype. Funnily enough, one receipt blog contradicted itself, claiming the character was “…obviously… a black character, despite the fact that it is not legitimately canon on the show,The claim itself is outright incorrect, considering the character in question is orange and has a triangle for a hairstyle.


The list goes on. Zamii070 has been also been accused of being a pedophile, a pedophile apologist, and has received excessive unproductive criticism for her art overall.


While writing this, I’ve stayed as objective as possible, but now I want to voice my own opinion.

Frankly, people of Tumblr, I’m impressed. You have sunk lower than I had ever expected. Some of the things you criticized Zamii070 for I understand, but not only do I disagree with most of your criticisms, you took every single one of them too far. You, Social Justice Warriors, have tried so hard to stop stereotypes, that you’ve made one for yourself. Great job, Tumblr. You won’t be seeing me reblogging anything anytime soon.