“Onetime” goin’ for the big time


Will Kingsley

Brian Tomer sporting his newest apparel advertising his star name, “Onetime”.

Will Kingsley, Staff Writer

Halfway through the school year, many seniors are receiving college acceptance letters, anxious for the years ahead of them. Similar to his peers, Brian Tomer has ambitious plans for the upcoming year.

Tomer is an avid sports follower with a passion for music. Whether it is on the basketball court or on the big screen, sports are an indispensible part of his life. He has played basketball for years, and is a huge fan of the NBA. When he isn’t practicing his half court shot or watching a Celtics game, he is often working on his music.

After discovering his affinity for music a few years ago, Tomer has decided to pursue a career in that field, hoping to attend an arts institution in Minneapolis, Los Angeles, or Philadelphia. When asked about what type of music he makes, he replied by saying he likes to “make hot beats”.

Brian’s first time making beats was during his sophomore year. He had been saving money from work to get a laptop and he stumbled upon a trial version of a beat making program. From there he discovered his passion for producing and he eventually bought the full version.

Asked about his influences, he credited his brothers and many hip-hop artists for his passion for music. To Brian, one of the best parts of making music is seeing his improvement. Looking back at his first tracks, he cringes a little. At the same time, the stark contrast in the quality of his work before, and his work now, is encouraging.

Tomer’s official stage name is “Onetime”. When he was asked about the origin of the name, he said, “I don’t really know how or why I chose that name, but it kind of just stuck.” Since then, Tomer has taken his name and made a brand out of it. Most recently, he ventured into clothing, selling a highly anticipated “Onetime” t-shirt. His apparel has become so popular around the school that a new tradition called “Onetime Wednesdays” was born. After the success of his first piece of clothing, Tomer envisions expanding his catalog to include merchandise like sweatshirts, hats, and even socks.
Tomer has a bright future ahead of him. He is really excited to go to an arts school, where “everyone will be pursuing a passion like me.” He sees college as another platform to get to his dreams of being a full time producer “in the ATL”.

With his brand expanding rapidly, and high school winding down, who knows what Tomer could do with a full time commitment to his craft.