The Puppy Bowl was fur real

Niki Maragos, Features Editor

Puppy Bowl XII took place on February 7, from 3-5pm and as always, was a “fur-tastic” success. Sadly, as it was widely overshadowed by Super Bowl 50, not as many people got to experience it in its adorable glory.

To recap the event where cute little puppies run around in jerseys and play football:

As described by Animal Planet, “this year’s PEDIGREE(R) Starting Lineup boast[ed] 49 puppies competing for the famed title of BISSELL(R) MVP (Most Valuable Puppy).” These puppies came from “44 different animal shelters and rescue organizations from across the U.S.” This year’s game in particular was one for the Puppy Bowl Hall of Fame as Team Ruff conquered Team Fluff with a 70-44 win.

A puppy’s cutest counterpart, the cat, took the spotlight in the halftime show, which was packed with yarn, laser pens, and a scratching post, making the Kitty Halftime Show frankly “puuurfect”.

Monika Schneider ‘16, who has never watched the Puppy Bowl before hearing about it this year, said that she “spent the afternoon ‘awwing’ and cooing over the fluffy players.” While Schneider boasted about her relaxing, cute-filled Sunday, junior Kristi Fox decided that next year she’ll be watching too.

While some people may find themselves completely engrossed in the annual NFL Championship, the Puppy Bowl is a “wond-fur-ful” alternative for pet lovers and football novices, and is certainly worth watching.