Manning secures second ring


Courtesy of Creative Commons

The Broncos defeated the Panthers 24-10 in the Super Bowl’s 50th anniversary.

Garrett Klausner, Staff Writer

Super Bowl Fifty, a game watched by over 114 million people ended late Sunday night on February 7th. The Denver Broncos defeated the Carolina Panthers in a 24 – 10 victory as Peyton Manning earns his second Super Bowl ring.

It was a game of defense as the Broncos held to the Panthers to score a season low of just ten points. Both quarterbacks had extremely low impact on the game with Manning going thirteen for twenty-three for 141 yards and Newton going eighteen for forty-one and 265 yards. It was a really sloppy game from both sides of the field with a total of five turnovers in the game, four being committed by the Panthers.

It might not have been the most exciting Super Bowl to watch, but it was one to remember. Manning may have just stepped off the field for the last time in his career. Just like Ray Lewis in 2012, Manning is stepping down as a Super Bowl Champion, his second ring ever. The veteran quarterback holds multiple records in the NFL and will most likely be a hall of famer.

As for Newton, he may have had a bad ending to his extremely impressive season but the young quarterback still has many years left in the NFL to prove himself. The future only looks bright for Newton.