Falling into fall fashion

Sophia Hall & Lian Tumas, News Editor & Contributor

This year fall fashion is booming out and about, not just at the Hollywood scene, but here at HB as well. With new styles and colors approaching the runway, HB students are taking out their styles making the hallway their runway.

Boots and scarves are always a must in the fall season with the cold coming in, but there are definitely ways to work them.

“The second best thing to shorts and sandals are brown boots and scarves.”

— Fiona Kennedy '14

Infinity scarves have made their way to the runway this year to either wrap snug around your neck or let it hang like another accessory. Boots this year have continued to be the classic riding boot as well as combat boots.

A fashion DO for this fall is the military inspired look that includes the combat boots. Others like to try a jacket or pant to make this look work, and it’s definitely working. It’s easy to just pair these up with a simple black legging, some jeans or even your favorite tights. Mollie Gillis, ’14 said, “I love the preppy style in the fall with mixing tights, sweaters, and riding boots!” Like Gillis, many other students are excited about the fall wear this season.

Prints and solids are what make up a wardrobe and they are definitely making a statement this fall. Classic prints are what’s making their way around. “I’m a big fan of classic plaid and argyle.” Gillis said. Another print that many girls at HB are used to is the leopard print; it’s not just a summer time fun look, it’s staying for the season and not just neutral leopard. Colored leopard prints are still making a statement even though it might be out of its element. Simple colors such as emerald green and winter white are statement makers to wear for sure.

Fall fashion this year is at an all time high and students are definitely catching on to the trends. Keep an eye out for something new, you’ll never know what might pop up in the magazines.