Get the knack for hacking a sack

Johnny Oniel stalls a hacky sack on his chest

Johnny O’niel stalls a hacky sack on his chest

   In the spring of last year, a new craze came to Hollis Brookline — the game of hacky-sack. This game has spread through the halls of Hollis Brookline like wild-fire, attracting students of all age groups to join in on the fun. Whether it’s a varsity soccer player working on foot skills or just someone looking for fun, hacky-sack is sweeping across the school.

    This sort of game dates back hundreds of years, but no one really knows when it officially started. The official hacky-sack was invented by Mike Marshall and John Stalberger in Oregon City, Oregon. Their idea of a hacky-sack was to make a meshed-like sack and fill it with dirt.

    The concept of the game is fairly simple: to keep the hacky-sack from touching the ground without using hands for as long as possible. Many hacky-sack circles try to obtain a “hack”, which happens when each member of the circle kicks the sack without it touching the ground. Usually the inside or the top of the foot is used to keep the sack in the air, but many skilled players, may use the outside or even their heel. Joe Spohn, ‘14, says, “It’s mega fresh”.

   Many soccer players are using this game to gain better soccer skills. Soccer player Sam Whitaker, ‘14 said, “As a soccer player, I love using my legs and feet, and being able to have fun with my friends.” As for these players it is not all about just having fun, Matt Harmon, ‘15, says[/pullquote]

“It is a group game that can really help with balance and coordination, which is why so many athletes are playing it to keep active.”

— Matt Harmon


    The hacky-sack craze has even some of the teachers joining in, including: Vice Principal Oulette and Officer Bergeron have been seen in circles. It is truly a game that everyone can join in on and participate in the fun. Veteran sacker Johnny O’Neil, ‘14 said this, “Sometimes life may give you heavy hacky-sacks or lite sacks and it may not be easy at first, but no matter what; you have to hit that sack with dignity, strength, and laughter. That is what playing hacky-sack is all about — the fun.”