Double Chocolate Chunk Granola? Yes, please!


Sophia Bruzik

Jumble of descriptive words describing Erin Baker Co.

Sophia Bruzik, StuCo Correspondent

The Erin Baker Co. was started in 1994 when Erin Baker purchased a mixer and started to develop “The Original Breakfast Cookie”. From 1996 to 1997, kitchen space was rented and the logo was born. In 2001 the company took off, Baker had hired ten new team members and became an official sponsor of the USA Ironman Triathlon Team. In 2006 the company evolves, by adding Mini Breakfast Cookies and Homestyle Granola to their menu.

Since this addition the company has been featured in the Food Network Show “Unwrapped” and in Oprah Magazine in 2011. They were also awarded one of the 125 Best Packaged Foods of 2010. The breakfast cookies took flight in 2011 when American Airlines and Delta stocked them in their planes. Not only does the Erin Baker Co. focus on distributing tasty healthy food, but they also run their own charity.

Erin’s Help Feed 1 Million Kids Program launched in 2012. For the past few years the program has been expanding.

Baker established this program with the same goal as the entire company, “to make a difference in peoples’ lives with the healthy food [she] make[s]”.

The company partnered with The Boys and Girls Club in Washington to provide the Breakfast Cookie Mini to children in need. This program was established because of the increasing rate of childhood obesity. Baker believes that in order to make the next generations healthier, we have to start with what they are eating or lack thereof.  

The Erin Baker Co. is always evolving and looking for ways to improve, just this past week they announced that there Double Chocolate Chunk and Fruit & Nut Homestyle Granolas have been Non-GMO Project Verified. They plan to add more flavors to the list this coming summer.

The company has a wide variety of different products. The Original Breakfast Cookies and mini cookies range in flavor from Caramel Apple to Banana Walnut. They also sell two types of granola, Homestyle Granola and Endurance Granola.

If you are looking to try their tasty treats, you can order on their website, or drop by your local Harvest Market/Shaws.


Not only does this company have a delicious product, but also an inspiring mission.