Freshmen Cavblocks: silence required


Sam Bell

Reagan Barry ’19

Sam Bell, Staff Writer

On September 8, 2015 the new and returning students flocking into HBHS were surprised to discover the updated version of freshman Cavblock. The administration came to the conclusion that all freshman Cavblocks would be silent during the upcoming school years. This decision wasn’t made lightly, as it was well thought out and prepared for the eager, new, and excited students.


“ [We] (administration) wanted an easier transition from middle school where everything was so structured, to high school where structure is more lenient,” stated principal Richard Barnes.


To new HBHS addition Claire Pare, the updated version of freshman Cavblock is a completely new idea“[I’ve] never come across the idea of Cavblock,” Pare stated. “Freshman are still developing study habits, and the silence is a good addition to that transition.”


“[Administration] wanted to have one consistent model and a quiet place for the freshly worn in freshman,” according to Barnes.


In response to the new structure, Christian Cenci ‘19 stated, “I think it is an inconvenience to be in an environment where silence is a necessity.”


Chris Bell ‘19 agreed, “I believe that the freshman Cavblocks being silent goes against my First Amendment rights.”


Yet Amaya Jefferys ‘19 insisted, “It helps me get my work done when people around me have no choice but to be quiet.”


By requiring the freshmen to be quiet, it proves to be challenging for some but helpful for the majority. Pare affirmed,“It’s nice helping guide the freshmen to a direction of silence, rather than just socializing immediately because they’re not told otherwise.”
Overall, the new adjustment to freshman Cavblock motivates students to concentrate on their school work, rather than just socialize amongst their peers.