Yes, we have a bowling team


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The bowling squad’s season ended with four members qualifying for the individual state meet.

Nate Corsetti, Staff Writer

A few weeks ago, one of Hollis Brookline’s winter sports teams finished up their season. No, it wasn’t basketball or wrestling; it was bowling. Yes, we have a bowling team.

As one of the more unusual high school sports, bowling doesn’t draw too much attention from the student body. The focus of the winter season is mainly on basketball here at HB, and even the wrestling team draws a significant amount of interest due to their recent success. Bowling, on the other hand, flies under the radar, even though the participants really enjoy it.

The students that participate on the bowling team really enjoy it. When asked how he would compare bowling to another school sport, Kevin Glover ‘17 replied “[Bowling is] way better. All day. More interesting. More fun. Not as serious.”

With a season between two and three months long, HB’s bowling team has a season just as long as most other sports in the winter, but it’s definitely unique. First of all, it’s only two days per week. With Thursday practices and Saturday meets, bowling is clearly one of the more low-key sports. Students on the team are big fans of this schedule, as it allows them to keep much of their free time to do homework, participate in clubs, or whatever else they have in their busy schedules.

This year, HB’s bowling team had twenty-two members on the team. Averages on the team for each member ranged from 77.75 to 160 points per game. (The highest score possible in bowling is 300.) Their season included nine meets, which resulted in four athletes qualifying for the individual state meet, including Will Crosby ‘17, Kevin Glover ‘17, Ryan Tucker ‘17, and Matt Garside ‘16.

While Glover said the goal going into the season was “to win the ship,” things didn’t exactly work out that way, as they finished tenth in the thirteen team league. When asked how successful the team was, he replied, “not that good, but next year is a new year.” There’s plenty of room for new participants and everyone is welcome for next year’s season.

“Definitely come and try it,” is Coach Erin Robbins’ message to students considering bowling next year. “It’s a low commitment and very laid back.”