Halloween costumes: Are we too old?

Young Grant and Brianna Johnson celebrate Halloween

Johnson Family photo

Young Grant and Brianna Johnson celebrate Halloween

Grant Johnson, Contributor


As we are all in high school, some may choose to ask if we are getting too old for Halloween.  Is it still necessary to dress up for some “childish” holiday?  As high school students, shouldn’t we focus on the academics and preparing ourselves for the future?  This is for the student body to decide.

Last year, students almost lost the privilege of dressing up for Halloween, due to some students every year dressing inappropriately.  After students were outraged that they could not be in their favorite halloween costume, there was compromise.  Student Council members, paired with administration, now had to enforce the costume policy.  After last years events, the question “to dress up or not to dress up” has become a topic of conversation.

The students at Hollis Brookline were asked about dressing up for Halloween to get a pulse of how the HB students felt about Halloween costumes.  Craig Stone, ‘14 said, “I don’t think so.  It only happens once a year, so you might as well go all out for it.”.  Mikey Lemay, ‘17 said, “I don’t think we’ll ever be too old for halloween costumes because its the one day you get to be something you’re not.”  Even Alexander Cate, ‘15 said, “Halloween costumes, no. I think costumes can be acceptable for any age. I mean, the PSY costumes last year were awesome. If someone can pull it off, it doesn’t matter the age.”  It was an overwhelming response of how students love dressing up for Halloween.

A common theme that was able to be drawn was that students will never grow out of it.  No matter the age, they love seeing how peers dress up in their creative attire.  Though it is unclear of what costumes you will be seeing this year, it promises to be something creative and original.