Issue heard ’round the world


Sophia Bruzik

Emily Babcock ’16, Nicola Chomiak ’16, and history teacher Trevor Duval.

Sophia Bruzik, StuCo Correspondent

On Tuesday March 22, at 7a.m. in Belgium (3a.m. in the U.S.), twin blasts hit Zaventem airport, where eleven people were killed. Around an hour later, another bomb exploded in Maelbeek metro station, leaving twenty people dead. Over 240 people were injured in the attack.

Hours later, ISIS claimed responsibility.

Although this attack happened hundreds of miles away, the world was shook. Here are three different views from HBHS about the attack.

Nicola Chomiak ‘16 said, “I feel like there has been a lot of debate about national security and how to prepare ourselves for terrorist attacks and ultimately, there are going to be times we aren’t going to be prepared. I feel there should be more focus on how we can lessen the lasting effects on the people.”

When asked if she thinks the US responded in the right way, Chomiak said, “I don’t think there’s too much the US can do except tell Belgium we support them and we will do what we can to help them.” She also added a comment about the issue of people fearing ISIS, “I think there is already a fear, we shouldn’t necessarily fear, but be aware of what is going on in our world.”

Chomiak believes the next step is for “countries around the world to unite to find a successful solution to end mass terrorism”.

Mr. Duval called ISIS an “international issue” and if it is going to be stopped, “there needs to be a coordinated effort”. He made it clear by stating, “we can’t sacrifice our principles in order to become safe”, that we need to remain in the right state of mind and not let fear cloud our vision.

When asked if Americans should fear ISIS, Duval responded, “No. Should Americans be alert? yes.” He also added that “you are more likely to have your house broken into” than be attacked by ISIS.

Emily Babcock ‘16 said, “When I heard about what happened, I thought it was another example of terrorism, that was very saddening. It really made me wonder what safety precautions we as a country need to take.”

Babcock added that she felt the U.S.’s “response was good, all we can do at this time is show support.” She added that “the next step for the world as a whole is cracking down on airports more than it already is.” “Now all we can do is offer our love and support for Belgium.”

Who do you agree with the most?