What is the ideal age?


Courtesy of Creative Commons.

Ben Lombardi, Staff Writer

If you could live at any age in perfect health, what would it be?

Everyone seems to have their own opinion, considering every poll seems to yield different results. Most pool results range from age thirty to age forty-five. What is seen a lot throughout the polls, is that participants tend to pick rather close to their age, at most a few years older. This applies until the ranges hit around 40, then the ideal ages start to become lower than others. Instead of going out of the range, they tend to stay in the low ranges , if not even below the range itself.

For example, a survey from Netscape results were as followed:


  • Those who range from age 18-24, picked 27 as their ideal age.
  • Those who range from age 25-29, picked 31 as their ideal age.
  • Those who range from age 30-39, picked 37 as their ideal age.
  • Those who range from age 40-49, picked 40 as their ideal age.
  • Those who range from age 50-64, picked 44 as their ideal age.
  • Those who range from age 64+, picked 59 as their ideal age.

From this survey 2,306 adult the age 41 was the average chosen age.


Recently talking to Lin Illingworth, the official director of the CavChron, divulged she would remain the age she is now. She said, “I like living in my wisdom years.” The only thing she would change is maybe be a few years younger just because she doesn’t like the idea of there being less and less life to live as you age.

There are many factors that come into play when people are answering the question of what is the ideal age. The site FiveThirtyEight, within the section of Science&Health, has a very informative article on this subject. They list off a few examples of factors they take into consideration when looking at the results from their surveys. Here are a few:
1) Financial state
2) Ethnicity
3) Level of education
4) Political parties

Peter Trevor ‘16 thought the ideal age would be around your thirties, as that tends to be the age people hope to achieve most of their life goals such as financial stability and having a family.

With all these different point of views, it is tough to determine an actual ideal age. What’s yours?