Hollis Brookline sports show support for the cause


Football player Shea Farrell dons the pink to show his support Photo credit: Austin Bumpus

Austin Bumpus, Co Editor-in-Chief


   October is officially recognized as Breast Cancer Awareness Month, and support for the cause is shown throughout the world in different ways. Whether it is something as simple as wearing pink to show support, or holding an event dedicated to the cause, Breast Cancer Awareness is important to a wide range of people, including the student athletes at Hollis Brookline.

   While they might come off as big, strong and tough guys, the football team isn’t afraid to wear pink and show their support for the cause. Hollis/Brookline football players enjoy the opportunity to sport the pink colored gear, and wear it in large amounts. Shea Farrell, ‘14, said “During October, we all incorporate pink in our uniforms, like our gloves, shoelaces, socks, etc. It’s especially important to us because one of our old coaches’ wife had breast cancer.” Andrew Butler, ‘15, added that, “As a team, we love to support Breast Cancer Awareness and encourage everyone else to show their support, as well.”

 The Hollis/Brookline girl’s soccer team also shows their support for Breast Cancer Awareness by wearing pink as well. Lindsey Beauregard, ‘14, says “Varsity soccer has worn pink socks or pink tape to hold up our shin guards, plus hair ribbons, pink tye-dye jerseys, etc.” She also said how it makes sense for the sports teams to show their support, saying “exercise has been linked with a decreased risk of cancer” (according to everydayhealth.com), so it is fitting that our sports teams are working to raise cancer awareness.

 October is an important month to recognize those that have breast cancer, and to raise awareness for the cause, and the Hollis Brookline sports teams show their support in many different ways.