The Hunt for the Silent Majority


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Evan Sutton, Staff Writer

Donald Trump and his supporters stand by signs that say “The silent majority stands with Trump”. “The silent majority” is defined as an unspecific large group of people in a country that do not express their opinions publicly. This is most likely because of the bad rep and press Trump has gotten through the media.


But what a lot of people are wondering, How is he winning if everybody hates his policies? There are many possible reasons for this, some believe it’s demographics, that there are no Trump supporters up here in New Hampshire and they are “all the rednecks down south” says Molly Lavoie ‘17. But another possibility is that his supporters are really all around us and maybe are just not talking about it.


Hollis Brookline sure has its fair share of Democrats, Republicans, and Independents. But the question that still stands is do any of these people really like Mr. Trump? Trump is much different from the candidates that are in the race right now: people both like him and hate him for this.


The main reason Trump supporters say they like the candidate is because he is blunt and honest. For example, Emma Maxwell ‘17 was asked why she liked Trump “Well yeah, there are most definitely flaws, but at least with Trump, you can see his flaws, all the other candidates are fake and try to please everybody”.


Although, at first glance, vast majority of the Hollis Brookline community are not a fan of Trump. It could possibly be because he is so blunt and unsugarcoated and brings controversy to many of his ideas.


For example, his immigration reform has a struck a cord with a lot of people throughout the nation. Trump himself says “a nation without borders is not a nation”, he plans to take action by building a wall along the Mexican border that Mexico will pay for in return for all the money that our country has used on illegal immigrants.


You may also have also heard his idea for national security, which is putting a halt on Muslims entering the country and requiring the ones that are already in the country to carry identification. In response to this a lot of people have been comparing him to Adolf Hitler with his policies and idea regarding jews.


Interviewing people around the school, a lot of students seem to agree with this. Infact, almost all the females I interviewed strongly disliked him; Lavoie says that he is “sexist and likes to insult women”. But with so many people not on the Trump’s side, how is he currently leading the Republican party?


With Trump winning in polls and elections would be expected that there would be a lot more advocates walking around the school, but instead it seems that there is barely any out of the all the students who attend the school. Could it be that there isn’t really at all? Or are they just remaining silent?