Round one promposals: the chaperones

Rachel Marquis, Staff Writer

In the midst of spring sports, the musical, and various other HB happenings, a very special question was popped to a number of teachers here at school. No–no engagements happened, but several chaperones were selected  in preparation for the annual event that every senior class waits year long for: prom.


Last week, senior class and prom committee members, led by Shannon Fitzpatrick ‘16, all put their charisma to the test and asked select staff members “Will you chaperone our prom?”


The teachers, Michael Fox, Christina Brown, Lina Pepper, Lin Illingworth, as well as administrators Tim Girzone and Bob Ouellette, were just a few of the many to be hand-picked for the special role of overseeing the the class of 2016’s  prom. Promposals to the teachers has been an annual tradition here at HBHS for two years now, and every year it causes quite a commotion. Senior class president Cat Cotton explained, “It’s so cool to see their reactions when you come into their classrooms playing the guitar and singing to them, presenting them a rose and poster, or whatever else we come up with just to make it special.”


Megan Olson ’16 and Ceci Eliopoulos ’16 asked Girzone while he was doing his daily duty of stopping cars from the back lot once the time comes for the buses to leave. “They [Olson and Eliopoulos] jumped out of their cars and held up the stop sign that said ‘prom’,” said Girzone.  Though he was still directing traffic, he accepted the offer.


Senior Alexi Migneault witnessed Fitzpatrick’s promposal to Mr. Fox. “It’s kinda fun to watch it all happen. It just means prom is getting closer and closer,” she said.


Now that the prom faculty guest list is official, prom season is officially a go. Get your tickets, snag a date, and don’t forget to snap some formal pics with the HB staff while enjoying prom.