Sticking a spike in spring sports


Phil Johnson

Nate Thomas ’16, one of this year’s four returning seniors, pumps up the crowd prior to a home game last season.

Cam Chrystal, Staff Writer

The boys volleyball team is looking for success this upcoming season. Usually shadowed by other spring sports, such as lacrosse and baseball, people don’t usually think of volleyball when they hear spring sports. Despite this, the team is actually very popular among the young men at Hollis Brookline.

Some might remember Aaron Campbell ‘15, who was HB’s first men’s volleyball player to ever be recruited to play in college. Without him this year, the team is going to have to rely on players like seniors Bret Belden ‘16 and Tucker Mcllwrath ‘16.

When asked what the general feel of the team is this year, Belden replied, “The feel of the team is very meshed. We play well together and I look forward to see what we can do this year.” Belden has recently been sidelined from a minor ankle injury, but looks to get at it on Monday, when the team plays Pinkerton in Hollis Brookline’s home opener.

The CavChron asked Belden if there were any young standout players this year; JB Brackett ‘18 and Mike Moscatelli ‘19 were just a few of the names mentioned.

Six-foot-four-inch senior Tucker Mcllwrath is going to be a great asset to the program this season. While the team searches to fill the void that Campbell left, they are going to look in Mcllwrath’s direction. When asked what his goal for this year’s team is, Mcllwrath replied “Our goal should be for the whole team to get along, and come together. This team has a lot of potential, and if we can harness said potential, we could make some noise in this year’s tournament”

The team starts their season at home against Pinkerton on April 11.