The all-day, all-night eatery


Cam Chrystal

The Grilled Cheesy Burger at Red Arrow

Cam Chrystal, Staff Writer

The Red Arrow Diner… need I say more? Not only can you get fantastic, inexpensive meals in record time, but they are open for service twenty four hours a day, seven days a week. With a retro diner appearance, it caters to any customer, and it is one of the most convenient and delicious eateries around.


It seems like almost a tradition for my companions and I to make the five minute trek down the street from my home whenever we are together. Whether it be at 7:30 in the morning or midnight, we always find ourselves sitting in one of those worn booths.


Some might ask, what makes the Red Arrow so special? Well, let’s start with the food. The Arrow has a very interesting menu. For one thing, you can order breakfast, lunch, or dinner any time you want. It’s 8 o’clock in the morning and you want a burger? Go for it. Pancakes at 1 a.m.? Be my guest! The Arrow has something for everybody.


Some of the fan favorites include the chicken tenders and the scrumptious burgers. The succulent burgers can be served with a number of toppings, from your regular lettuce, tomato, and onion, to weird additions such as BBQ sauce and other strange toppings.


One burger, a favorite of mine, is the Newton Burger, aka the Grilled Cheesy Burger. It’s what you’d expect: a burger, some cheese. But here’s the twist: in place of the buns, the Newton Burger is a paddy squished together between two divine, perfectly cooked grilled cheese sandwiches, made with premium American cheese.


When asked to describe the burger, Kyle Szewczyk ‘16 said, “It’s the greatest thing since Michael Jordan!”


Sure, this meal isn’t exactly the healthiest, but the taste is worth the calories. The Newton is definitely a favorite of many.


When asked the same question, Matt Bonette ‘16 replied, “[It’s] the greasiest piece of heaven you’ll ever find.”


Although they’re known for their burgers, you can get almost anything at the Arrow.


“I’ve never had the Grilled Cheesy Burger, but the grilled cheese would have to be my favorite item on the menu,” Shae Berry ‘16 added when asked about the fan favorite.

The inexpensive, impeccable food and friendly atmosphere are all what make this such a fun, convenient spot for all to enjoy. I recommend everyone make their way to the retro style booths at some point in the near future.