Movies? Yes! (But hold the popcorn…)


Evan Sutton

Joe White ’17 and Matt Dowling ’18 in the HB library.

Evan Sutton, Staff Writer

The Hollis Brookline Library is an academic wonderland. Most likely, you have seen a large group of kids watching a movie in the corner of the fiction section: this is one of the most popular hangouts in the school. The movie section has comfortable cushion seats and a TV accompanied with a DVD player.


With the use of laptops and projectors on the rise, our librarian, Mrs. Heaton, had a small TV just lying around. In the fall of 2014, Heaton decided to put this TV to use and place it in the corner section of the library.  The TV was meant for students to either watch something they missed in class or sit back and watch something with their friends once they had all their work done. While explaining the rules for the movie section, Heaton added, “My student patrons are awesome and have always followed these rules.”


Often the only movies you view in school are dry documentaries that you’re forced to take notes on, but the library offers a motley inventory of Disney, Modern-days, and Classics from the past drawing students to it every day. Some of the movies that are on the shelf include The Hunger Games, Million Dollar Baby, Mythbusters, Ender’s Game, Wall-E as well as others from all genres of cinema.     


“My favorite part of the library is the movie section,” said Paul Menard ‘17.


Menard isn’t the only one who feels this way; a majority of the students asked said the same thing when they were asked what their favorite part of what the learning center is.


Sitting in a desk all day can really take a toll, so this part of the library provides a much needed escape. “It’s a good break from school work,” said Emma Maxwell ‘17 as she watched her favorite library movie, Disney Pixar’s Wall-E.


If you can handle juggling both a good movie and a math worksheet, then the movie section is for you. Behind the couch there are two tables pushed together, which make a great place to sit down and do school-work.
The movie section offers just about everything you would get at a movie theatre except popcorn–remember: No food or drinks are permitted in the library. If you have a free period, nothing to do in Cav Block, or you just have some relatively easy homework, come down to the library to sit back and enjoy a movie.