National College Decision Day

Bella Zampieri, Staff Writer

Sunday, May 1 was a monumental day for high school seniors around the country. Known as  National College Decision Day, it was the deadline for students to commit to a college and send in their deposits. For many students, this is the most crucial decision they may have to face. It’s also the  day that senior’s get to relinquish the stress and anxiety that comes hand in hand with the college selection process.


Walking down the halls of Hollis Brookline High School the day after April break, seniors wore t-shirts and apparel from their schools representing where they are attending in the fall.  It was a way of showing fellow peers and teachers which school students have committed to.


Brandon Fox ‘16 was excited to be wearing his Worchester Polytechnic Institute shirt, where he is planning to attend in the fall. “I really like the programs there and their student life” Fox states as some of the key reasons for committing to WPI.


With eighteen seniors attending University of New Hampshire next year from HBHS, a group picture of the students wearing their shirts for the first time as the UNH class of 2020 was taken.


College Decision Day is a positive and exciting day to represent students’ transitions from high school to college and look forward to the upcoming year.