Ice cream vs froyo


Courtesy of Creative Commons

Sam Bell, Staff Writer

Mother Nature is bringing in the beautiful warm weather sooner than anticipated. As a result, the lines for delicious ice cream and frozen yogurt, otherwise known as froyo, are building up.


Twenty five Hollis Brookline students from all four grades were recently surveyed on whether they preferred ice cream or froyo. The enticing conclusion revealed that ice cream was favored over frozen yogurt by 7 votes.

Visual for Icecream v FroyoSam Bell

The voters agreed that Ben & Jerry’s is the top spot to curb one’s creamy cravings. The most popular flavor of those who voted was chocolate (with sprinkles, of course).

Students who supported froyo considered Tutti Frutti to be the best establishment to eat the popular treat, while Orange Leaf came in as a close second. Cheesecake was a highly desired flavor  from the store’s menu.

These frozen yogurt stops are located relatively close to HBHS. The two Orange Leaf’s are on Amherst street while the most convenient Tutti Frutti can be found at the local Pheasant Lane Mall. Take a taste of both and decide for your yourself if ice cream is still the classic champion or if frozen yogurt is bringing a new twist to summer treats.