HB Celebrates its outstanding scholars

On Monday June 6, Hollis Brookline High School had their final assembly, gathering and celebrating the students of HBHS and all of their accomplishments throughout the year. It kicked off with a standing ovation for the newly graduated seniors and  continued with a beautiful rendition of the “Star Spangled Banner” by the Honors Choir to get the assembly rolling. Principle Barnes read the names of the dedicated students who won the awards.

Half way through the assembly, the Honors Jazz Band played the tune “Favela” for the crowd and really drew them in. A passionate saxophone player, Nick Sengstaken ‘16 amazed the crowd with his stellar solos.  

The end of the year assembly is a student favorite because it’s all about them; they get to celebrate the hard work they, and their peers, put in all year. Several awards were given out to the students of HBHS. The students who received the awards were both honored and surprised. Holly Eisenberg ‘16, the winner of the mission statement award, said, “I feel honored to win this award. It’s been a great four years here and I am thankful for the friendships I’ve made from the class of 2013 to the class of 2019, and of course, the teachers.” Award winners or not, all students are proud of the rest of their school.

Even though this assembly focused on students and their academic accomplishments, there was someone who won an award that wasn’t a student. One of the most famous teachers of Hollis Brookline, Mr. Fox, was given the yearbook dedication. When asked how he feels about receiving the award, he replied, “I was very surprised, it’s always an honor to be recognized by my students for being more than just a teacher.” Mr. Fox has impacted many students’ lives and very much  deserves this award.

The Book Awards were given out to the high school juniors who are predicted to be in the top ten percent of their class. These awards are given from prestigious colleges. One award was given to Kyle Chrystal ‘17. When asked about his award, he said, “I was very honored to receive the award from the University of Chicago. I’m glad to know they recognize students for their hard work.”

Along with Eisenberg and Chrystal, many other students were recognized during the assembly. They are all outstanding achievers and will continue to do well in their high school and college careers. The students who won the awards are as follows:

NH All-State Music Festival Jessica Vermette
NH All-State Music Festival Nicole Plummer
NH All-State Music Festival Maddie Kuchta
NH All-State Music Festival Oliver Fetter
NH All-State Music Festival Kristi Fox
NH All-State Music Festival Skye Jacobs
NH All-State Music Festival Grace Lou
NH All-State Music Festival Amy Norton
NH All-State Music Festival Revathi Nithipalan
NH All-State Music Festival Vivek Nithipalan
NH All-State Music Festival Jacob Ponders
NH All-State Music Festival Nathan Buckley
NH Jazz All-State Jack Sinclair


Junior Book Awards
Brown University Grace Lou
Bryn Mawr College Rebecca Nelson
Brandeis Vivek Nithipalan
Harvard University Madylin Partridge
Mt. Holyoke College Vienna Scott
Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute Kristianna Fox
Rochester Institute of Technology Computing Magnolia Moskun
Rochester Institute of Technology Creativity Joel DeLong
Caitlin Ross
Smith College Adriana Radosavljevic
University of Chicago Kyle Chrystal
University of Michigan Jonathan Byrne


The following students are NH Scholars:

Bretton Belden
Victoria Bent
Peter Bertone
Sophia Bruzik
Stephanie Buchanan
Erin Casey
Elisabeth Caswell
Hannah Cates
Briana Cooper
Sarah Cramton
Leah Cummings
Wyatt Farwell
Liam Flaherty
Nicole Hall
Jack Kearns
Athena LaJeunesse
Niki Maragos
Megan Olson
Cody Snow
Kelly Snyder
Cameron Tulley
Courtney Ulrich
Teagan White
McLane Wood