HB students receive their LNA


Courtesy Photo

Liv Lukovits ’16, Kelsey Mansfield ’16, and Sarah Connell ’16 each achieved their Licensed Nursing Assistant, a position that is typically obtained at the collegiate level.

Anthony Tamposi, Staff Writer

Three students from Hollis Brookline High School recently received their LNA. An LNA is a Licensed Nursing Assistant. As an LNA, their job is to do basic nursing activities, such as dressing and feeding their patients. Olivia Lukovits ‘16, Kelsey Mansfield ‘16, and Sarah Connell ‘16 are the students from Hollis Brookline who have achieved this status. They have been working hard all year to reach their goals. Becoming an LNA in high school not only gives them a jump-start in their medical careers, but also looks great on a college resume. Receiving this position separates these students from other hopeful nursing prospects because most don’t achieve their LNA until mid way through college.

Many people have dreams of going into the medical field. When asked about her LNA, Lukovits  said, “I have always been interested in nursing. I really enjoy helping people. I plan on going to University of Rhode Island for [their] nursing program.” Mansfield will be attending University of New England for  nursing. Connell will be attending New Hampshire Technical Institute this fall, focusing on ultrasound and radiology.

These three girls, who put the time in to receive their Licensed Nursing Assistant positions, say that this has not only made a huge impact on their lives, but will soon make a large impact on their patients’ lives by helping when they are in need. When these students succeed in college and beyond, each will make a great impact on society.