Cavalier Cheer Captains


Sammy Mello ’17, Miranda Moscatelli ’17, Livi Simmerman ’17

Rachel Marquis, Media Editor

The HBHS varsity cheer team brings spirit to the school, a type that goes beyond simply being proud to be a Cavalier. Leading the Spirit Squad this year are seniors Miranda Moscatelli, Livi Simmerman, and Sammy Mello. Moscatelli and Simmerman have been with the team since their freshmen year, with Mello joining the group her junior year.


The trio works tirelessly to ensure their team is destined for success. “When the team comes together, we are always pushing ourselves to do our very best,” said Moscatelli. The dedication that is put into these athletes’ sport of choice–“and yes, cheer IS a sport” remarked Simmerman–is remarkable. Recently the athletes spent numerous hours creating the banners for the senior varsity football players. “We encourage team bonding, and things like the banners only bring us together as not only teammates, but also as friends” said Simmerman. Even though their schedules are jam-packed with cheer, they never stop training in hopes that every bit of practice will keep improving the team.


Outside of cheer, Moscatelli, Simmerman, and Mello all hold part-time jobs. Even with little free time, the girls push themselves with AP courses.The girls dedicate all remaining  spare moments to their studies. Moscatelli, a part-time employee at Hollis House of Pizza, added, “Trust me, those times [spare moments] are rare!”  Mello babysits on the side and is also involved with East Celebrity Elite Cheer, a competitive cheer team that Mello trains with during the school off-season. Simmerman works at the Brookline Animal Hospital and hopes to attend University of Vermont to study Nursing. Come next fall, all of the girls plan to attend a university and get involved with their future school’s cheer teams.
Moscatelli, Simmerman, and Mello all promised the upcoming cheer season to be “one of the best yet.” Look out for these senior captains at the next home football game as they cheer the Cavaliers to victory.