Freshman backpacks: still a reality?


Grace Santoski

Many freshmen’s backpacks are packed to overflowing.

Grace Santoski, Staff Writer

Freshmen have always carried the stereotype of having “freshman backpacks,” which is when they load all of their school supplies in their packs resulting in the bags being twice their size. Freshmen are always worried about getting to class on time, so they never think they have time to go to their lockers, which is one of the main causes of having an overly large backpack.


Harry Bates ‘20 and Josie Farwell ‘20 are some examples of the freshman backpack stereotype. They do not use their lockers because they feel as though they are located inconveniently or simply that they don’t have enough time. Despite the belief that the freshman backpack will hurt your back, Farwell says that her backpack doesn’t hurt her because, “I have padded straps on my backpack so it helps not hurt my back as much.” However, Bates said, “My back hurts.”


Contrary to the widely-believed notion, not all freshmen have this issue. However, many still struggle with an overload of supplies.


Said one freshman, Teresa Demayo: “I have a small backpack but I carry all my binders because they don’t fit in my backpack.”


Demayo carries all her binders to her classes so that she doesn’t have to stop at her locker more than twice a day. She also stated that she especially doesn’t have time in the morning when she gets to school to go to her locker. She even has to bring her binders home every day. Even though Demayo doesn’t have a huge backpack, it’s still a struggle for her to get to class everyday with all of her binders.


Senior Aaron Etchells has some advice for students struggling with overloaded backpacks: “Don’t carry as many binders with you because you don’t need them. The work you finish can go in your locker for later use to study for tests.” Etchells is proud of the fact that he never had a freshman backpack because he used he frequently utilized locker. Students can take the advice from seniors who have become accustomed to high school life, and they may be better off.


Backpacks are helpful to carry things to class, but when they get too heavy, they can be more of a burden than a blessing. Not all freshmen go through this phase of carrying everything with them. If some do go through this they can grow out of it and learn to use their locker wisely.