Inside a Grand Council meeting: Part 1

Inside a Grand Council meeting: Part 1

Ava Occhialini, A&E Editor

The student government of HB convenes every Thursday, from 2:30 to 3 p.m., to discuss the pressing matters that concern all of the student body. Student government from every grade is represented in a Grand Council meeting, where Ms. Given presides over the proceedings. Principal Barnes sits in on Grand Council meetings when his schedule permits. On September 29, Student Body President Maggie O’Hara ‘17 opened the meeting that marked the beginning of mapping out the future culture and community at HB.

The discussion opened immediately with the topic of increasing community service. This is a student-driven initiative, introduced by Patrick Bloniaz ‘18. Student Council, seeking to make community service a more ingrained part of the HB experience, toyed with many ideas. Ram Senthil ‘20 suggested that high school students help tutor middle schoolers, while Barnes added that he would like to see high schoolers regularly mentoring elementary school children in the district as well.

Barnes also suggested that the community service initiative might emulate the NHS chapter project that is undertaken every year by the group’s members. Katie Cerato ‘18 added that she hoped the initiative would not overwhelm kids who participate in NHS, nor would it only affect “the same group of kids” who already participate in community service.

Other ideas, such as making a new community-service based elective, emerged. Barnes endorsed the idea that such an elective could potentially resemble Senior Quest, while Given saw potential for career development and internship opportunities within such an elective. Megan Corban ‘17 brought up a popular point, saying, “Let’s not limit ourselves to HB,” and suggested that the project provide greater contributions to the surrounding areas. Nathan Buckley, ‘17, suggested that a 7th period class could leave campus for community out reach two or three times a week, and then use off days for Senior-Quest style meetings about their projects. The concern as to whether credit would be given for such a class remains unclear.

Though still in the brainstorming stages, it is clear that passion for this objective is readily present and within the Grand Council. The members of student government are invested in leaving HB better than they found it, and will continue their search on how to create a legacy of service at the school.