Join the “write” club


Sterling Bates

Members of the Writer’s Club gather for a post-meeting selfie (Courtesy of Sterling Bates ’17)

Max MacLeod, Staff Writer

At Hollis Brookline High School, it seems that there is a club for everyone. For the science types, the Robotics Club or Chemistry Club are fantastic options. For the bookworms out there, the Book Club is something worth looking into.


But what about those who have a strong passion for writing? Is there a club for them? The answer is yes: Hollis Brookline has its very own Writes’ Club.


When most students find out that Writers’ Club is an established organization at school, their first thoughts are, “What is it, and why should I join?”


Victoria Milette, the club advisor, and Gordon Curry, club president, have good reason for students to join:  Writes’ Club is an awesome space to be creative! If you want to write and feel like you can’t find the time, if you’re a writer who needs an audience, or even if you are the farthest thing from a writer but want to try something new, there is a place for you in our club.”


Writer’s Club is a club designed to help hone a person’s writing skills and encourage good writing habits. A goal of the club is to have people leave the club with more friends, better writing, and sharper skills. The Writer’s Club meets every Thursday in Room 202.


“Knowledge and experience with writing, a group of welcoming people and friends, a lot of fun, and some serious snacking,” said Milette of the best aspects of joining the club. There’s a lot to gain from Writer’s Club. Some readers might become slightly more interested when hearing that there’s “free food”. While that remains true, students shouldn’t  just come for that. They should come for the stories, come for the laughs, come for the new friends one can make, come to experience it all. At the end of the day, a student could still write the club off as ‘ just another after school activity’ but just keep in mind that [the club] would love to see a new face, so don’t be shy–stop by.