Life after high school


Hannah Balfour

Seniors will soon never walk through this familiar doorway.

Hannah Balfour, Staff Writer

For the Class of 2017, senior year is just beginning. Many students need to think about what they want to do post-high school. The majority of the class will attend college, though some may find themselves in the workforce, and others in the military. However, the big question on everyone’s mind is: “What will I do?”.


College is a common choice for students after graduation. The majority of the graduating class will attend a local college within a state or two from their high school. According to Sandra Bent, one of Hollis Brookline’s guidance counselors, about 83% of 2016’s graduating class went to a four year college, 11% went to a two year college, and 6% were classified as other (work, military, undecided, gap year).


The majority of seniors want to go to college, but some do not know what to major in. Bent’s advice for students who are undecided is to choose a major based on something they like, then switch it later in college if they change their minds.


Many colleges have programs specifically for students who are undecided. These programs include a variety of degrees and job shadowing opportunities. Bent also suggested to look into the degrees and careers colleges offer and to get “exposure to experience within different areas”.


Gordon Curry ‘17 will be applying to a college somewhere in New England. His choices, like those of many others, will be state schools like University of New Hampshire. However, unlike many students, Curry knows what he would like to major in: Clinical Psychology.


Not everyone knows what major they want to pursue in college. Instead of attending college for a specific major, some will enroll in a liberal arts college undecided.


Curry’s advice for people who are undecided is to”find something you love, and find a way to make money from it.”


Siobhan Rogers ‘17 plans to attend college and major in Library Science. Rogers at first did not know what she was going to major in– she debated between becoming a doctor or historian, “It switched every year depending on what class I liked the most,” she said.


In her sophomore year, Rogers decided to work in the school library and fell in love with it. Rogers’ advice for students who are undecided is to “pick a college with lots of options”. She also suggests applying to a bigger school, as it will have more options.


While the path you choose after high school is an important one, it is not a final one. Some students may wind up changing their minds and go in completely different directions. The choice is, as always, up to the student.