An unexpected brotherhood


Rindress MacDonald

Patrick MacDonald ’18 tees off

Dan Leone, Staff Writer

Many supporters and players themselves thought that this golf season was going to be just another fall sport. But once the practices and matches got rolling, an unexpected brotherhood began.


Unlike past years, this season’s golf team was fortunate to have a team led by many upperclassmen with a strong love for the game and a passion to win. Kris Johnson ‘17, Patrick MacDonald ‘18, Chris Cadman ‘18, and Josh Farmer ‘17 are just some of the players who became strong leaders.


The team was made up of twelve players who all have a serious drive for golf. Going into the season, many of the athletes considered themselves to be mediocre players, but towards the end of the season they came out as highly skilled athletes. The incredible change in some of the players’ game can be credited to their coach.


Coach James Turner is a local pro at Sky Meadow Country Club, considered by many golfers as one of the nicest facilities around and a very tough course.  Thanks to Turner’s connections, Hollis Brookline’s daily practice course was Sky Meadow, which became a major advantage.


Turner worked with many players and provided tips for the stronger golfers on the team as well. MacDonald had many great things to say about Turner: “He is a great guy and a golf genius. He helped myself and the team out a lot this year and for that I am grateful. James will be one of my good friends for years to come.”


Early in the season, HB started winning many matches. Since the win streak started on August 25, the athletes kept doing everything they had practiced and allowed that to follow into the matches. It paid off for them.


A special season with lots of wins led to a high position in the team playoffs at Beaver Meadow in Concord, NH, on October 7. As the fourth seed, the team had hopes of tying that in the final rankings, or doing better and winning the whole tournament.


In the end, the team ended up with a final ranking of fifth. While it was not what they wanted, it isn’t something to hang their heads over. As Johnson said, “The day did not go great, but four of our strong players have a shot at the individual tourney on Saturday, October 9th.. With hope, there we will get our redemption.”  He added, “The season was long, but it was one of the best and most enjoyable we have had in awhile. Welcome to Moe’s!”


Apart from the team tournament, there is an individual tourney consisting of 25 players with the best scores who hope to be the number one golfer in the state. HB had four players qualify for the individuals: Patrick Mcdonald, Kris Johnson, Josh Farmer and Chris Cadman.


The golf team had a spectacular season together, and it will be amazing to see how they shape up on Saturday at Beaver Meadow once again for the individual tourney.