Best athletic wear


Mario Barassi

Shoes are one of the most noticed and important aspects of athletic wear

Mario Barassi, Staff Writer

Nike? Under Armour? Adidas? All of these brands are popular among student athletes, but which is the best? As you walk the halls, attend games, or even view a practice after school, you can see many of the popular brands being worn by all of the student athletes and even by students who don’t play sports. These major companies make millions of dollars on their athletic wear, but do they actually affect performance?

Many athletes swear by certain brands, but others mix and match. Morgan MacMillian ‘17, who is on the girls varsity soccer team, says her favorite cleats for soccer are the Adidas Messi line. She says, “They’re a reliable brand. They’re there when you need it.” MacMillan also likes Adidas pants when it comes to apparel.

Many of the sneakers you see are Nike. There are countless different types of Nikes and no two pair of shoes are the same. Even at our school sporting events, rarely are two athletes seen wearing the same shoes.

For the football team the quarterback needs to perform at top level and the gear he wears helps him succeed. Joey Delaney ‘18, the QB of HB football, said he likes the gear the football team gives him such as his helmet and jersey but the jersey’s fit is a little tight. But he did say that the helmets are nice because they are new. Delaney also said, “I wear Under Armour Cam Newton cleats. They have a high ankle which gives me support.” Delaney doesn’t think that the brand affects performance: it’s the athlete’s skill that makes the difference.

Watching games or even looking down at people’s feet during the school day, one can see that the amount of different shoes shows that there is no one style or brand that is best. Every person has his or her own preference.