Working in and out of school


Megan Gialluca

Maggie Conway ‘18 gets ready to put in a night of work at Vals Pizza in Brookline”

Megan Gialluca, Features Editor

High school: the preliminary step before college, which is the preliminary step before the working world. However, some students, myself included, are one step ahead and have already found their first jobs during their time at Hollis Brookline. High school jobs have surprisingly become a big part of students’ lives, and even with all of its advantages, there are many disadvantages to think about as well.

So let’s say you’re a student at HB, and you want to get a job. A good place to ask around may be with your guidance counselor. Rich Winslow, one of the counselors, was happy to give his opinion.

“It’s all about balance,” he said. He explained that for most students, a job can be a great thing to teach responsibility, time management skills, organization, and of course, to earn money. Although he did not see a direct connection between school and work, Winslow did talk about an overlap of skills needed for both commitments: time management, prioritizing, listening to authority. Of course, Winslow did say that school should be a top priority for any teen.

So what is it like for a student to actually be managing a job? I talked to one student, Margaret Conway ‘18, who’s been managing one job, working at Vals Pizza in Brookline, to see how she felt about the issue.

Conway said that although she does not like to work in general, the freedom of having her own paycheck is more than worth the hours she has to put in at Vals. Although she loves the paycheck, the biggest drawback, Conway says, is the amount of time you have to invest. She explained that with a job, it’s harder to find time to do other things.

So what is it like to have a second job? Well I, Megan Gialluca ‘17, work at Chrysanthi’s Restaurant in Brookline and at Conway Ice Arena in Nashua. In my opinion, working a job is a fantastic thing. The money and the responsibility it teaches you is well worth it. Although, speaking from experience, when taking on two or more jobs, it is extremely easy to overload yourself without realizing it. If you feel that you need the money and one job isn’t cutting it, my advice to you is to pick up a second job, with caution, and make sure you communicate with both of your bosses so they know about the responsibilities you have besides their business.

For most students working in high school, this is the first time they have had any experience with the working world. It’s easy to get caught up in work and school, so be sure to keep a balance in your schedule, and enjoy all the freedom, and responsibility, having a job will bring.